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About Us

Red Stag Media is a full-service digital marketing group experienced with website development, information technology services and media solutions. Our consultancy group offers analysis and installation of computer network systems, website design and development, digital marketing strategy, and a full range of media services such as videography and graphic design. From young entrepreneurs with start-up businesses to well established companies, our clients trust us to deliver exceptional services to further their business goals. 

Based in Oklahoma, our team works for companies across the United States. Our collaborative approach means that our clients benefit from a high level of expertise in all areas of a project. Our strategists and developers have years of experience working for companies in a wide range of industries.

Information Technology and Digital Media

Red Stag Media provides businesses with custom solutions in the fields of Information Technology and Digital Media. Our solutions are both solid and creative with an ongoing emphasis on functionality and style. We provide our clients with high quality digital media and intelligent technology that allows them to continue to grow their businesses. With a broad depth of experience solving complex I.T. problems, our team delivers creative solutions for our clients' individual needs.

Website Development

Our website development process starts from the ground up, beginning with a strategic analysis to understand a client's business and goals. Once the strategic framework is identified, our creative team works on the website's visual elements. At the same time, our web developers and project managers determine smart functionality solutions and information architecture to create the best user experience for website visitors. During the programming phase, our project manager maintains communication between the client and the web developer, and ensures that the project is on track. Prior to sending a site live, our team conducts thorough quality assurance to ensure that the website is in perfect working order and ready for launch.

Digital Marketing

From content initiatives and SEO to email and social media marketing, our digital marketing strategists develop integrated approaches to increasing a company's online visibility. We offer a full suite of digital marketing services with a custom approach for each client. Each engagement begins with a strategic assessment of a client's business and competitive landscape. Once goals and key performance indicators are identified, our strategists develop a unique digital marketing program for each client with measurable goals. As programs progress, we regularly monitor analytics and make adjustments to campaigns. This organic process allows us to be nimble and adjust tactics in order to achieve the goals laid out in the original assessment phase.